Considering the iPhone(s) Plus

I’ve been thinking lately about my next iPhone, and more specifically, what size it’ll be. To my surprise, I’m more and more inclined to give the larger iPhone Plus a try.

I didn’t seriously consider buying the iPhone 6 Plus when it was first released. The 6 was a significant enough size jump from the iPhone 5 that going even bigger didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Despite being a little slippery, I’ve enjoyed the 6 overall, and haven’t felt much need for a bigger screen.

And yet, the Plus is starting to make more sense to me, and the change in thinking has a lot to do with how I use my iPad. I enjoy using the iPad for more involved tasks or reading a book, but if I’m just sitting on the couch browsing through Twitter or skimming a few articles, I almost always use my phone. That’s true even if the iPad is nearby. It’s just easier to use the device that’s already in my hand or my pocket. That’s where a Plus phone could come in. If I’m already using my phone in place of the iPad in some situations, it’d be nice to have a little more screen real estate. I wouldn’t give up using my iPad, I’d just give myself a little more room on the device I use most often. A little extra battery won’t hurt either.

In the past, I’ve had two main practical concerns about the 6 Plus: one-handed use and size in a pocket. The former concerns me less than it used to, for the simple reason that I don’t use the iPhone 6 one-handed all that much either. As for how a Plus might fit in my pocket, I imagine I’d have to try it to really know. What I can say is that I find myself taking the 6 out of my pocket when I’m sitting, so the Plus likely wouldn’t be all that different. I don’t expect it’d be an issue when walking around.

Fortunately, since Apple lets you return products within the first couple of weeks after purchase, I can give the Plus a try with my next phone without worrying about buyer’s remorse.